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TITLES OF An Unusual Couple


Sex only after marriage (Part 01)

Samantha and Carter are an engaged couple who do not have sexual relations. The two lost their virginity in previous relationships but decided to have sex only after marriage... Everything to make the moment more special! One night, during a strong storm, a situation puts the agreement between them to the test...


The neighbor who is a sin

Carter calls his son Ignacio to say that, due to the heavy rain, he will spend the night at the fiancée's house... With the empty house, the eighteen-year-old takes the opportunity to spy on his neighbor! Laura, a beautiful blonde who became a widow at a very young age, realizes that she is being spied on and decides to make fun of the naughty guy...


An unexpected visit

After exchanging nudes on the cell phone, Melinda and Peter are interrupted by Samantha, who appears in the room to say good night to her daughter! Afraid of being discovered, the girl tells her boyfriend that she's going to sleep... But who can fall asleep after receiving such racy photos?! The dawn is just beginning...


Sex only after marriage (Part 02)

After nearly breaking his vows of chastity, Carter leaves the fiancée's house in the middle of a rainy dawn... But he still has a problem, his penis won't soften! Instinctively, the man changes his usual path, heading towards the red-light area. And ends up in a dark alley, with two prostitutes...


Sex Only After Marriage (Part 03)

Samantha woke up very excited after having erotic dreams that took her to the limit... She gets out of bed and is relieved to learn that her fiancé left in the middle of the night, as they would likely break their vows of chastity. But with so much accumulated lust, the chaste woman begins to have forbidden thoughts...

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