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The Titanic—the luxurious and imposing ship—departs on its maiden voyage to the United States. Rosie (who is 18 years old), her mother Rachel and her fiancé Darren board first class. The young lady is unhappy with her life because she does not love Darren, but has to marry him in order to maintain the good name of her family, which is bankrupt. One night, desperate about her situation, Rosie decides to jump from the Titanic! It is up to James, a ship worker, to talk her out of committing suicide.


The Fast and the Furious

Domenico Porreto is the leader of a dangerous gang that is being investigated for organizing illegal street races late at night and promoting chaos and disorder in New York City. To investigate the situation, police officer Ryan O'Bonner is sent to infiltrate this universe of souped-up cars, drag races and parties dripping with debauchery in order to gather information on this forbidden world and put an end to the gang, which has been tormenting the residents of this great metropolis.


Star Wars

The Galactic Empire, under the leadership of Dark Lord Darth Focker, invades the Rebel Alliance’s starship. Darth Focker’s Stormfoockers come in large numbers... And armed with their Hasbro pistols, they easily dominate the Rebel Alliance soldiers! They are after the hot Princess Lya. But before being captured, she is able to record a distress call in the android L2-D2’s database. Will Duke Skysucker be able to free her and restore peace and justice in the galaxy?

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