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TITLES OF Brazilian Slumdogs


Porn video on the cell phone

Late at night and Uélito is still awake! He's watching a porn video he received on his cell phone and, horny, decides to jerk off before bed. But at the same time, Cota is worried about whether the boy is at home, she enters the room without knocking and catches the perv with his dick in hand…


The rubber cock

Coming back from college, Karol goes through a sex shop and remembers the erotic dream she had! With so much horny accumulated by many hours of study, she can't contain herself, enters the store and buys a rubber dick. Already at dawn, the girl decides to use the dildo! But Scab appears in the bedroom to spoil the fun...


Tantric massage

After a day of hard work at the construction site, Mr. Benê returns home with a sore body. The poor man can't even take a shower, such is the pain in his back! Karol passes by the room and is worried to see that situation. But the smart and helpful girl finds a way to alleviate such suffering...


Sunbathing on the roof

It´s another hot day in Rio de Janeiro! Ludmila wants to take advantage of the strong sun to get a nice tan for the funk party. But then Benê comes to mess up her plan… The living room is full of leaks and he needs to lay cement over the entire roof. However, the slut convinces him to give up on the idea…


Studying Brazilian History

It’s midnight at the Slumdogs’ shanty and Karol is still studying for the test she will have the next day! Very tired, the Slumdogs' youngest member ends up falling asleep… And perhaps because she was studying Brazilian history, she begins to dream about an Indian tribe called the Olomeus tribe, which is composed of aborigines with huge penises…


Crowded bus

After spending the whole day at the beach, the Brazilian Slumdogs are tired and are going back home… After they wait for over an hour, the bus finally comes. However, it is packed with people! Benê is all pressed up behind Karol and the shaking of the bus causes him to rub up against her ass, giving him an erection...


The Slumdogs' New Year

It's only a few seconds until the New Year and the Brazilian Slumdogs have gathered on the rooftop and is counting down to midnight! And when the New Year arrives, Ludmila and Uélito say goodbye and go to enjoy the night on the beach. Benê, Cota and Karol stay at home drinking and dancing. But the girl overdoes it on the drinking...


Soccer In Maracanã Stadium

It’s soccer game Sunday at Maracanã stadium and the Brazilian Slumdogs go there to watch the big game. Ten minutes into the game, the Fluminense team scores a goal and Ludmila, who understands nothing about sports, shouts out “goal” in the middle of the opposing Flamengo team’s fan section. She is immediately cornered by two shady Flamengo fans...


Bills to pay

It's late at night in the Brazilian Slumdogs' shanty and Benê can't get to sleep because he's worried about all the bills he has to pay! Karol gets up to drink a glass of water and finds him moping in the kitchen. Now the exemplary girl is going to do everything she can to help him relax and finally fall asleep...


Payment checkpoint

Josy, the Brazilian Slumdog street vendor, is climbing the stairs of Favela to sell panties to the women of the slum. However, the dangerous drug dealer Dado blocks her path and tells her she has to pay him a commission if she wants to sell in his slum! Josy doesn't have any money, so she is in big trouble...

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