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TITLES OF College Perverts


The first day of class

Julie is moving to a new city and is going to the first day of class at her new college... Upon arriving, she finds a totally different environment from what she is used to! The freshman does not receive a warm welcome from her new classmates and even runs into the college dean, who is a real pervert...


The delinquents

The Delinquents have gotten together in the college courtyard... Louie and his buddy Pig are cat-calling some hot girls while Esther watches everything without finding it amusing. But the truth is that Esther is jealous because her friends won´t pay any attention to her and, to make things worse, they even tell her that she looks like a man...


In the dean's office

The dean is in his office talking with Ms. Love. The pervert is crazy to fuck her and therefore tells her that he managed to get her a raise... The hot woman falls for his smooth talk and begins to give him a delicious blow job. At that moment, the new student Julie knocks on the door and enters...


Lust in the library

Karen is arguing with her boyfriend Brad! It´s all because she wants to go out to have some fun, but the handsome guy has to study for a calculus test... In the library, he cannot understand the material, so he tries to do the math and gets lost in the numbers! Julie, the virgin nymphet, realizes he is having trouble and offers to help...

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