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TITLES OF Jurassic Tribe


Hallucinogenic mushrooms

Buga and Babu are gathering fruit in the Jurassic forest... The cavewoman finds some red mushrooms on the ground and eats them, thinking they are fruit. Babu tries to warn Buga that those little red fruits could be poisonous, but it’s too late and she is totally tripping...


The dinosaur egg

Yanka is walking peacefully through the Jurassic forest when she finds a dinosaur egg… The egg hatches and a beautiful baby dinosaur comes out! Yanka falls in love with the little critter! Even though she knows Caveman Gabu is angry and doesn’t want any animals in the village, she hides the baby dinosaur and tries to fool the leader...


Inventing the wheel

Babu is a very curious young caveman! He is rubbing rocks together and trying to create something, but Buga hates to see him loafing around so she calls him inside the cave to light a fire. When Babu sees the voluptuous woman’s loincloth, he gets an erection. Now he is intrigued, wondering what made him react that way...


Running from the Tyrannosaurus

Yanka and Babu are walking through the Jurassic forest on another peaceful morning... Oops! Peaceful?! A T-Rex appears and ruins the youths’ calm! The two of them run desperately and it’s only a matter of time before they will be devoured by the hungry dinosaur! However, it seems that the clever Babu has a plan...


Captured by the Beasts

Yanka is on the river bank, collecting water with a prehistoric jug. She is very tired because the river is very far from her village. And to make things worse, she isn’t alone! She hears the sounds of ferocious animals coming from inside the forest… They’re the Beasts! Now she has been captured and she’s in big trouble...

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