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TITLES OF Monster Squad



It’s a full-moon night and there’s only a few seconds left until midnight… At a bus stop on a dark, deserted street, a man and a woman wait for the bus. But at midnight, the young man undergoes a lycanthropy and transforms into a two-legged wolf, ferocious and hungry for blood...



After months of work, Dr. Victor Frank gives life to a horrible monster made from pieces of cadavers stolen from a morgue... The scientist names his creation Frankenstein, but the terrible creature turns against his creator and is now loose in the streets on a stormy night...


Count Dracula

A fancy party brings members of high society together in a luxury penthouse. Count Alucard is one of the guests and is bored in the sumptuous living room. Then a stunning brunette appears in front of him. It is up to the lady-charmer to use all his powers of seduction to win her over and try to save his night...


The Cannibal Ogre

On a picnic afternoon in the forest, a couple of lovers prefer to have sex and leave the meal for afterwards... They are already naked and full of lust, but before they can fuck, the aroma emanating from the chicken attracts a famished Ogre! Terrified, the young man runs away and abandons his lover with the monstrous giant...

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