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TITLES OF Narutoon


The Jutsu Power of Naughty

Late at night, Narutoon and Kakashie walk down the street towards the village bar. The ninjas are on their way to help Tsunadie, who has already gone too far in drinking! Upon arriving at the bar, Kakashie is astonished by the beauty of the busty milf... Delivered safe and sound at her home, the leader of the Leaf Tribe begins to offer herself to the masked shinobi...


The erotic book writer

Master Jiraia is unable to write his adult novels. Narutoon suggests that he goes out for an ice cream and, who knows, he might be able to fresh his head... Already in the park, while the two friends relaxing, the girls Sackura and Ina appear, sucking popsicles. It was all that the perverted ninja needed to get new ideas...


Forbidden bath in the hot springs

Temarie and Kurenay are relaxing in the hot springs of the Leaf Village... The friends, who have a very intimate relationship, take advantage of the calmness of the place to fuck. After they cumming hard, the two girls are there talking about sex, but are soon interrupted by the sudden entrance of Narutoon in the female wing of the hot springs...

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