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TITLES OF Nerd Stallion


Nerd with a lot of pride

Martin is the typical nerd... A young introvert and addicted to technology! But it was during an appointment with a dermatologist, to treat his acne problem, that he realized that he had no reason to be shaken by this stereotype, which is often despised by society. And, using his nerd attributes and characteristics, he began to transform his life...


My mom’s hot friend

After losing his virginity at the dermatologist, Martin begins to feel happier and more confident. The shy young man, who used to hide in his room when his mother appeared with her beautiful friends, changed the attitude! Now the nerd insists on staying close, enjoying the big tits of Cristina, a single milf who went to spend the night at his house.


A maid good in bed

When he gets home, Martin is surprised to find his maid watching television on the sofa in the living room. But he doesn't mind with that, after all, Zulmira is practically from the family... Besides, she has a nice ass that inspired him to jack off several times! A little later, the stallion nerd realizes that he has a chance to fulfill his teenage dream...


The twentieth floor rocker

Martin's life has changed for the better in a short space of time... The phase is so good, he even got his first job interview at a big tech company! Late for his professional appointment, the nerd gets mad when the building's elevator goes up to the twentieth floor. But he soon calms down when a beautiful rocker girl enters the place...


The blue eyed teacher

Martin is full of beans at his new job, and he even got a car on loan from the company, all for him not to be late! And on the way to another day of work, when passing in front of his college, the nerd remembers another one of his love conquests: the foreign trade teacher, a beautiful brunette with blue eyes desired by all students...


Romantic Date

Lying in bed, Martin feels like the biggest stud in the world as he remembers his latest love conquests! Minutes later he hears Cristina's voice and gets all fired up, thinking it would be another night of sex for his resume... But when going after her, the nerd has an unpleasant surprise, his mother and her friend had arranged a romantic meeting with two men!


Fucking, with mom watching

During a frank chat at the bar, Cristina ends up revealing the secret affair she has with the nerd! The boy's protective mother is angry about the situation, but her best friend assures that she is really in love and that Martin fucks really well! And to prove that everything is the purest truth, she proposes to Paula to watch a live sex act between the two...


Dry humping on the crowded bus

Martin starts to become addicted to naughtiness and this can disrupt his personal and professional life... After losing time because of a handjob, the nerd gets fired from his job! Having to return home by public transport, a beautiful nymphet sneaks in front of him and, with the bus getting crowded, the rubbing of the bodies is inevitable...


Lingerie Party

Martin got into trouble and came home literally without his pants! The nerd has also lost his keys, so he rings the front doorbell, but no one hear... It's just that inside the apartment there is a bachelorette party, and the loud noise of the music drowns out the ringing of the doorbell. Finally, Cristina hears the "ding-dong" and goes there hoping it's the strippers at the party...


One Night of Sin

Martin no longer spends his late nights programming but watching porn on the internet! However, he is no more able to get excited with porn videos, so he decides to go out into the darkness of the night in search of real adventure... And with some condoms and a little money in his pocket, the nerd walks for almost an hour until he arrives at red-light district...

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