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TITLES OF Nymphomaniac Nerd


A very horny nerd

Emma is extremely addicted to sex and debauchery! Her mother is sure that this is Martin's fault, but she is a little mistaken... The nerd has had this higher-than-normal sexual desire for some time now, but she has always tried to hide the fact from her family. It was only when Emma had a relationship with her cousin Martin that such compulsion came to light...


First time with woman

After losing her virginity in a gang-bang with the college basketball team, Emma's lust becomes even more intense... She spends practically the whole day horny! At one point, the nympho nerd realizes that her roommates have just taken a shower together and, ready for new sexual experiences, she invites herself to join this sex lesbian game...


The hottie had a surprise

The whole family gets together for a day at the beach... Emma is looking gorgeous in her new thong bikini, but a stunning woman walks by and steals the show! A little later, the nerd girl decides to take a dip in the sea and there she meets the hottie, who strangely won't stop adjusting the bottom of her bikini...


The old guy with the big bulge

The day at the beach continues and so does Emma's sexual compulsion! Full of the desire to have sex again, the nerd girl goes hunting for someone who can put out her fire... To do this, she checks the size of the bulge men's swimwear, but it seems that everyone who interests her is accompanied! Until a big old guy comes walking alone through the sand...


Summer at the nudist beach

It was after two in the afternoon when Emma, Martin and Eloi decided to look for Pietra and Paula... The three of them walk a few miles until they come to a nudist beach sign. The warning is clear: it is forbidden to cross that point with clothes on!!! Eloi decides not to go any further, but the nympho nerd and her cousin soon strip off and continue their way naked...


Pussy scholarship

Sex addiction began to affect Emma's performance at college... It wasn't long before her grades dropped dramatically, and she lost her scholarship! Worried, the nerd decides to talk to principal Randolfo, but when she opens the door to his office, she finds him fucking his secretary. That's when Emma comes up with a daring idea to solve her situation...


Street sex with strangers

Emma was having erotic dreams frequently, where most of the time, she was fucking with strangers... Willing to satisfy this fetish once and for all, the nympho nerd decides to go out on the street looking for sex with men she's never seen before! Wearing a dress and no panties, the girl gets on a crowded bus and rubs herself against the first stranger who appears...


Prostitute for one night (Part 01)

The experience of having sex with strangers had been extraordinary, but the next night Emma was ready to go beyond the limits of nymphomania! Dressed in a very short skirt and leather boots, the nerd goes to the red-light area to become a street corner whore... But life on the streets is not easy, and soon a pimp appears to collect a "toll"...


Prostitute for one night (Part 02)

Nymphomaniac nerd returns to the corner of a crossroads, awaiting the arrival of the first client... Emma is willing to give her pussy in exchange for any misery, since she decided to prostitute herself for pleasure and not for money! But minutes later, a powerful mobster appears in a limousine, making her a tempting proposal...


Fake saint

During breakfast, Emma and Eloi receive the news that Peter, an uncle of theirs who lives abroad, will come to visit them... They both think it sucks having to live, even for a few days, with a family member who they don't even remember his face! But the nymphomaniac nerd soon changes her mind and becomes horny when she sees that this uncle is actually a handsome man...


Sins inside the bathroom

Emma is brushing her teeth in the bathroom and ready to take a shower, when Peter knocks on the door saying they need to talk... Even though she's afraid of being caught by her mom, she lets her uncle in and hears from him that they can't have sex anymore, because the nerd is his daughter’s sister! But the girl knows how to provoke and gets naked in front of the man...


Big butt runs in the family

Having sex made Emma incredibly hungry... It was already the third tube of ice cream that the nerd girl had devoured in less than a week! This catches the attention of her mother, who warns the girl to moderate her eating, as the family’s genetics tend to gain weight. At this time, Emma realizes that she really is fatter, especially in the butt area...


The saint turned into a devil

Emma waits for everyone to fall asleep to go to the living room and talk to uncle Peter... The nerd girl is dying of curiosity to know what happened that day in the bathroom! But besides being curious, she’s also a nymphomaniac, which makes her easily aroused by the idea of having sex again with the handsome older man. The dawn seems like it’s going to be as hot as hell...


Small pussy or Big Pussy?

The nymphomaniac nerd gets in the bedroom without knocking and ends up catching her mother in an intimate moment… With her legs spread wide open on the bed, Pietra was trimming her pubes! Emma gets amazed to see that big pussy spread there, fat, and hairy! Both of them start debating about what men prefer: Is it a small pussy or a big fat pussy?

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