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TITLES OF Old Geezers of the Park


The magic pill

During a game of chess in the park, Zeke says that he is fed up with living the senior life and that he misses the days of his youth – a time when he slept with many women. Norb brags and says that he still fucks all of them! Seeing that his friend doesn't believe him, the old black man takes his secret out of his pocket: a pill! He is going to prove that it's magic...


Popcorn cart

Night is falling and the two old men stay in the park... Zeke is amazed by the magic pill's powers but still doesn't believe that it can help his penis, which hasn't risen in years! And when Norb introduces him to the hot lady popcorn vendor, he sees no other option than to take the little pill and hope that it has an effect...


Forbidden herb

Two students skipped class to smoke marijuana in the square... In the middle of the fun, the pot ends and they fight over it. Norb, rascal as he is, realizes the chance to take advantage of the situation and offers to girls his pipe full of forbidden herb... But the old man will want something back!


Love Serenade

The Old Geezers of the Park are playing dominoes. But their quietness is interrupted by the loud sound of a love serenade! Norb asks to lower the volume of the singing, but besides not being attended to, he is still insulted by the boy! The elderly friends leave the place, but soon they will have fun at the expense of the couple...


Tinder Crush

Norb has a new cell phone and signed up for a dating app... Trickster as he is, posted a photo of when he was young and matched with a hot redhead! The girl was smitten with the black man's style and made a date, but in the meantime, the old man went to have a shit, and Zeke took the opportunity to take his friend's place...


Working out the butt

Three girlfriends are in the basketball court located at the square, waiting for the coach they hired through a cell phone app. And to the girls' amazement, Norb and Zeke appear presenting themselves as the personal trainer! But despite being old, they prove that they are in top shape and capable of training the hotties...


Beauties of crime

Monotonous morning in the square... Zeke listens to the latest news from Pussyland on his battery small radio and learns that the town's bank has been robbed by masked women. He tells Norb the news, but Norb doesn't listen to him, because he has his eye on two sexy blondes walking with a baby carriage...


Hang out on the beach

Full of money, the Old Geezers of the Park take Jessica and Zara to enjoy the weekend on a paradisiacal beach... Fascinated and eager to appreciate the sun, the girls don't even bother wearing their bikinis in front of the elderly, after all, in their minds, Norb and Zeke are in their third age and with a limp dick...


Bitching on the Yacht

The weekend at the beach is not over yet... Norb and Zeke are stunned by the available number of hot girls there and it doesn't take long for them to get along with two hotties! Jessica and Zara get jealous and come up with an irresistible plan, which makes the Old Geezers give up the yacht ride with the other girls...


Ostentatious Birthday

The Old Geezers of the Park invested in cryptocurrencies and are multiplying the money... Zeke takes advantage of the abundance and authorizes Zara to spend without limits on her 20th birthday party! But he puts a condition: only beautiful and hot women should be invited to this party full of luxury and ostentation...

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