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TITLES OF Pleasure Mansion


The madame's valuable asshole

The residents of the Pleasure Mansion are on vacation in the Bahamas but even so, Mr. Rich can’t forget about business... While he gives directives to his investors, Mrs. Rich shows up wearing a sensual swimsuit and asks her husband to rub suntan lotion on her body. But he is too busy with work and so Troy takes advantage of the situation...


Raging party at the mansion

Mr. Rich is coming home from yet another business trip and finds a huge commotion at his mansion... It’s Ashley, the young spoiled rich girl, who is throwing a raging party at the luxurious Pleasure Mansion. Quite furious, the billionaire throws everyone out of his mansion and goes looking for the badly behaved girl...


The new half-quart silicone implants

Mrs. Rich got a new pair of exaggeratedly big silicone breast implants – a gift from her generous husband! Dying to show them off, she goes out to the pool wearing a sexy bikini. Ashley is the first to see them and is impressed by their size! Attracted and turned on, the girl hatches a plan to get up close to those enormous tits...

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