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TITLES OF The Flintstoons


Swapping wives at the dinner

The guys came back of the hunting without the brontosaurus steak, now everyone is having cactus soup and dough pie for dinner... Vilma and Bethy are disappointed about that, while Barny blames Fredy for the failure in the jungle. Mr. Flintstoon wants to prove that he’s a great hunter and he bets twenty clams that he can fuck Barny’s wife...


Chatting about sex

Peble opens up to Vilma and tells her that Bamban asked a friend to do a threesome, but she doesn’t feel comfortable with this crazy idea. Vilma encourages Peble and tells that a sexual experience with a woman can be very exciting. The girl asks her for some lessons, but soon her boyfriend appears at the window and catches them sucking each other...


Lost and naked in the jungle

Fredy wants to teach some primitive survival skills to Peble and her friend Pennie... But he gets lost in the jungle! To make things worse, wild monkeys steal the girl’s clothes! Soon it gets dark and, with the temperature decreasing, the group decide to cuddle in some bushes in order to try to warm up...


Orgy at Buffalos' Club

Barny leaves for the Bamban initiation ritual at the Buffalos’ Club and tells his wife that he will be back very late... Abandoned at home, Bethy finds out that this ceremony is actually a huge orgy! Now, together with her best friend Vilma, they go to the place dressed as a prostitute to catch the wicked boys in the act...


Making out at the Drive-in

The Flintstoons and their neighbors are going to enjoy a night at the cinema together... Discouraged, Bamban warns that horror films suck! Peble agrees with her boyfriend's opinion as soon as the first scenes pass on the screen. The young couple then decides to take the time to have sex in the car, regardless of the presence of others...


Bedrock hot girl contest

The Miss Bedrock contest will take place and the girls from the Flintstoons clan wants to participate... However, when they arrive to register, they are informed that only one place remains! Vilma suggests that the boys of the clan can judge which one is the most beautiful. And in this homemade show, the models will do anything to win over the judges…


Drunkards cock has no owner

After a party at the company where he works, Fredy comes home completely drunk! Mr. Flintstoon goes towards the master bedroom and finds two women dressed in matching nightdresses… Without knowing that the neighbor Bethy asked to spend a few days there, he believes that it’s the effect of alcohol that made him see two Vilmas…


Stretching the pussy in the yoga class

Peble has learned several Yoga positions and is now teaching Bethy the techniques... As the two of them keep their legs wide open, Bamban appears at the window and is all excited to join the class! Soon after, Barny arrives stressed out after work and sees in the practice of Yoga a chance to relax...

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