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TITLES OF The Flintstoons


How to take a slut’s virginity

Peble and her college friend are in the bedroom, gossiping before bed... Gema confesses that she is still a virgin and that her boyfriend is pressuring her to have sex! Fredy overhears the spicy conversation and, excited by the presence of a virgin nymphet in his house, he devises a seductive plan to take the girl's virginity...


I love my big ass mother-in-law

Fredy hoped to spend the holiday in tranquillity, but the unexpected visit of his mother-in-law ends his peace... The two have an old feud that never ends! Vilma, ready to put an end to these disagreements, promises her husband sex every day. But it's his mother-in-law's big ass that will change his mind...


All in at the poker table

The Flintstoon are taking advantage of the rainy weekend to play poker... Barny decides to go all-in, but without good cards in hand, he ends up losing everything to Fredy! Ready for a rematch, but with zero chips, he suggests betting his own clothes. And in this round of strip poker, Peble and Bamban will also participate…


Female Pheromone

Returning home by a path through the woods, Bethy needs to stop to pee in the bushes... Bamban, while waiting, sees a troglodyte coming towards him and jumps into the bush next to her! But the ugly caveman smells the urine and pisses on the spot to mark territory. Bethy ends up excited to see the huge penis among the foliage...


The artistic nude painting

Vilma is proud of the news that Peble has received a proposal to pose as a model... Fredy, on the other hand, is not at all satisfied and, jealous, decides to follow her to investigate this work. Later, upon arriving at the art studio, the girl discovers that she will have to take off all her clothes to be portrayed in an artistic nude painting...


Saving the job with the pussy

Mr. Slater can't take the womanizer Fredy's delays any longer and therefore fires him from the company! Willing to get his job back, he promises to the boss something to redeem himself... Later that day, Peble appears looking hot in the company's presidency room, she won’t waste any opportunity to save old Flintstoon's job...


Stretching the pussy in the yoga class

Peble has learned several Yoga positions and is now teaching Bethy the techniques... As the two of them keep their legs wide open, Bamban appears at the window and is all excited to join the class! Soon after, Barny arrives stressed out after work and sees in the practice of Yoga a chance to relax...


Drunkards cock has no owner

After a party at the company where he works, Fredy comes home completely drunk! Mr. Flintstoon goes towards the master bedroom and finds two women dressed in matching nightdresses… Without knowing that the neighbor Bethy asked to spend a few days there, he believes that it’s the effect of alcohol that made him see two Vilmas…

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