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TITLES OF The Hillbilly Farm


Mr. Yokel got a bad flu

Mr. Yokel has caught a bad flu and is in bed with a severe fever... Mrs. Yokel asks Mary Lou to bring some tea to the sick man and take care of him while she goes to the general store. When Mary Lou gets to the bedroom, she is shocked to see one of the symptoms of the illness: Mr. Yokel’s skin is all yellow...


Mrs. Yokel's panties

One hot day, Boss Barker goes wild when he sees Mrs. Yokel walking around the farm wearing tiny short shorts! When he finds out that she is going home to take a cold bath, the boss doesn’t think twice and offers Scooter some money to bring him the panties Mrs. Yokel was wearing...


A shameless bikini

Scooter runs into his girlfriend Daisy Lee, who is going to take a bath in the creek. He becomes enraged because she is walking around the farm wearing a bikini that leaves her practically naked. The two argue and Scooter threatens to break up with her if she doesn’t get dressed. But Daisy Lee doesn’t care and goes to the creek...


Going to pee late at night

Mary Lou drinks a lot of water before going to bed and wakes up in the middle of the night having to pee real bad. She is really afraid to go outside to the outhouse but has no choice because she really has to piss… She manages to get to the outhouse, take a leak and – just when she thinks she is being silly to be afraid – Saci appears...


Planting on the farm

It’s very early in the morning and Mr. Yokel is ready for another day of work on the farm. But where is Scooter? He was supposed to help but he has overslept again and only shows up because Mr. Yokel shouts his name really loud! So they start to plant, each in his own corner of the farm, until Daisy Lee shows up to complicate Scooter’s life...


A tick in the butt

Mary Lou arrives home riding Donkey... She is wearing a super-short miniskirt that lets her ass make direct contact with the animal’s filthy fur. Mary Lou didn’t expect this to cause a big problem, but now her ass really itches badly...

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