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TITLES OF The Hillbilly Farm


A werewolf in the backcountry

It's Friday the thirteenth night with a full moon in the backcountry! Scooter feels the effects of this combination of terror and begins to feel sick... In a few minutes, the guy turns into a dangerous werewolf! Mary Lou and Mrs. Yokel are afraid of being devoured. But it seems that the creature doesn't want to eat the meat, but the pussy of the two babes...


Don't wake sleepwalkers

It was a warm night when Mr. Yokel, asleep, arrives in the kitchen calling Darlene's name! Mary Lou, who was there to have a glass of water, is surprised by him, who grabs her by the back, thinking she is his wife... And the lecher wants to have sex! As the girl knows that you shouldn't wake up a sleepwalker, she gives in to the old man's wishes…


Merry Christmas from the hillbillies

It's Christmas Eve, but there will be no party for the hillbillies, since Mr. Yokel and Scooter were scheduled to work at night on the colonel's fields. And that makes Mary Lou sad, because she likes gifts, Santa Claus and everyone gathered for supper. But close to midnight, when only the girls are on the farm, a surprise will happen…


Lost in the Woods

Mary Lou and Scooter are in the middle of the woods, looking for herbs to make tea... A long way from the Hillbilly Farm, the boy throws pebbles on the ground so they don't lose their way. But he didn't count on Saci's pranks, which messed up the whole track! Now, the mischievous black guy asks for something in return to take the hillbillies back home...


The Kissing Booth

There's a fair going on in the countryside with the aim of raising funds for charity! Mary Lou and Daisy Lee are working at the kissing booth and attract a line of boys wanting to get a simple "peck". But Daisy Lee, the fiery hillbilly, prefers to kiss with the tongue! Scooter catches the scene and goes crazy with jealousy…


Hanging panties on the line

It's late afternoon and Mary Lou is hanging her panties on the clothesline... Mr. Yokel, coming back from working on the farm, sees the pieces hung out and is astonished at how small they are! He scolds Mary Lou for using such vulgar things and punishes her. At night, the young lady appears in the living room in a nightgown and no panties...

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