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TITLES OF The Hillbilly Farm


Hanging panties on the line

It's late afternoon and Mary Lou is hanging her panties on the clothesline... Mr. Yokel, coming back from working on the farm, sees the pieces hung out and is astonished at how small they are! He scolds Mary Lou for using such vulgar things and punishes her. At night, the young lady appears in the living room in a nightgown and no panties...


Waking up with a hard-on

Mr. Yokel has been worried about the drought on the farm, so he hasn't been showing Mrs. Yokel much affection lately. During breakfast, he orders his wife to wake up Scooter, who is once again late for clearing the brush. And when she goes into Scooter's room, she finds out why he's taking so long: Scooter has woken up with a hard-on and nothing will make it subside...


Hellish heat

Scooter is clearing brush under the hot sun... The hillbilly feels really hot and decides to take a break from work to cool off in the creek! Only a few feet away, Daisy Lee and her mother, Mrs. Hicks, are washing clothes on the bank of the stream. Before long, the girl sees her boyfriend swimming and calls him over to join her...


Fish story

Scooter has been sitting on the edge of the creek for several hours trying to catch a fish... It’s an unlucky day for the young hillbilly because so far, his basket is still empty! He decides to make one final attempt. He uses his biggest worm as bait and manages to catch something: a beautiful mermaid! Could this just be a fish story?


Vacation in the big city (Part 02)

Cindy has invited the rednecks from the farm to visit a mall. Once there, the city girl decides to show Mary Lou a store that sells only lingerie! In the store, the girls pick out some pieces and go to the dressing room to try them on. Scooter goes in with the two of them and his jaw drops each time they try on the pieces of lingerie...


Vacation in the big city (Part 01)

The residents of the Hillbilly Farm are finally going on vacation! They put their suitcases in their old pickup truck and headed off to their destination: the city girl Cindy's “fancy” apartment. Upon arriving, they are welcomed by Sandy, Cindy's widowed mother. Now the big city folks are going to do all they can to reciprocate the reception they got at the farm...

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