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Football and Beer (Part 01)

Barty and Hommer are in the living room watching football and having some beer. It’s the end of the night and Margy asks if Hommer is going to sleep any time soon. He promises to go to bed right after the game finishes and, with a full bladder, he runs to the bathroom to take a piss. Meanwhile, Margy stays alone with Barty and realizes that he’s drinking beer too...


Football and Beer (Part 02)

After spending the night drinking beer and watching football on TV, Hommer is with a full bladder and rushing to the bathroom. However, when he’s opening the door in a hurry he sees Liza, with nothing but her small panties, sitting in the toilet… Distressed, Hommer begs her to take a piss...


Smooth or Hairy Pussy?

Unable to shave her pussy, Magie decides to go sunbathe anyway... She will be in her own backyard, so she doesn't have to worry about that. But Liza soon appears there and finds it disgusting that she has so much hair! Will men also think the same way?...


Fucking in the bathtub

Margy's best friends arrive at the Simptoons house to spend some time. While Vilma stays smoking in the living room, Tatty goes upstairs with their suitcase... However, when she gets there, she doesn't remember where the guest room is. She enters in the wrong door and sees Barty masturbating in the bathtub...


Intelligence Test

Given the prospect of getting an “F”, Barty stealthily exchanges his exam with Martyn, the smartest student in the class… Next day, the principal and the teacher analyze results of the intelligence tests, and amazed at the genius-worthy performance, want to discover the method of study used by Barty...


Margy's apple pie

Margy prepared an apple pie and left it cooling down in the kitchen. Barty arrives a few minutes later and, when he smells the delicious aroma, he runs to take a bite. But he remembers watching a movie where the guy put his dick in the pie... Curious, he decides to copy the depraved act, before he got surprised by Margy and Liza...


Caring for the injured boy

Barty suffers a serious skateboard accident and is all in a cast... Without moving properly, Margy is the one who helps him with all the daily tasks, including taking a bath! And in this moment things get complicated... The guy gets horny and has an erection when Margy takes his dick to wash it...


Fucking in the treehouse

Margy went up to the treehouse to scold Barty, who didn't mow the lawn. Soon after, she hears Hommer screaming her name and appears to answer the husband... With her butt perched on the window. Her delicious ass gets Barty excited and makes him have a great idea to fuck with Margy...


Halloween night

Liza and Magie are going to play "trick or treating" and stop by the kitchen to say goodbye... Seeing the girls in indecent costumes, Hommer gets very angry! But the girls don't care about the complaints and leave anyway. It remains for the poor protective man to hide and follow them through the streets…


The sin lollipop

In her nineteen years, Magie's beauty draws attention wherever she goes. Including the modest Flandis, who is delighted to see her walking down the street sucking a lollipop... Shortly after, Magie ends up choking on the candy! It's the chance the man wanted to get close to the beautiful girl...


The collection of porn magazines

Milrouse cumed in one of the rarest porn magazines in Barty's collection... The two boys slap and the noise soon catches Ms. Luana's attention. The hot milf enters the room with only a towel, leaving Barty excited! The pervert creates a plan to forgive his friend, and together they go to spy on her in the bath...


A different dessert

Liza has prepared a dinner for her boyfriend, however, Magie and Nilson appear earlier at home and interrupt the moment... They want to participate in the banquet, but are prevented by Liza! Determined to enjoy the night in another way, they go up to the room, and the girl wears a strawberry panty to serve herself as dessert…

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