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Orgy on the fishing trip

Barty invited the two best friends of Margy to go fishing, but he’s planning on with Hommer is to fuck these hotties. Everything seems to be going well, when Barty helps Vilma to catch a fish, he wins a bunch of kisses from her. But Hommer is not that lucky, he’s mocked by Tatty for not teaching her how to handle the stick…


The collection of porn magazines

Milrouse cumed in one of the rarest porn magazines in Barty's collection... The two boys slap and the noise soon catches Ms. Luana's attention. The hot milf enters the room with only a towel, leaving Barty excited! The pervert creates a plan to forgive his friend, and together they go to spy on her in the bath...


Intelligence Test

Given the prospect of getting an “F”, Barty stealthily exchanges his exam with Martyn, the smartest student in the class… Next day, the principal and the teacher analyze results of the intelligence tests, and amazed at the genius-worthy performance, want to discover the method of study used by Barty...


Pepperoni Pizza

Something went wrong with the online recipe and the pizza prepared by Margy and Magie ends up burnt! The neighbor Flandis, who is a great cook, finds out about what happened and decides to help the girls. With the rolling pin in hand, he will teach all the steps to prepare a delicious pepperoni pizza…


Video game afternoon

Barty invited his friends to a video game afternoon at Simptoons’ house… But Milrouse and Nilson soon got bored, since the host does not want to share the controller of his brand new PlayStation 5! But the game will have a turnaround as soon as Margy shows up in the living room to offer her famous snack…


Police Costume

It’s late at night in the city of Springfield, when Barty, Milrouse and Nilson go out to graffiti some “virgin” walls of the neighborhood. Everything was going well for the friends, until a police cruiser showed up at the spot! Three hot officers get out of the car and start a meticulous inspection of the guys’ bodies…


Butt on the nape project

Liza started weightlifting and her body is already becoming a success... Margy also wants to look hottie and, following the girl's advice, joins the same gym! On her first day, she meets the trainer Big James, who explains how the “butt on the nape” method works...


Bitch in Heat

Unsatisfied with the lack of sex in the marriage, Margy has an idea when she sees two puppies fucking on the street... She goes to a sex shop and buys various erotic products to try to seduce Hommer. And, during the night, the fiery wife appears in the room dressed as a dog, barking and wanting to mate...


Halloween night

Liza and Magie are going to play "trick or treating" and stop by the kitchen to say goodbye... Seeing the girls in indecent costumes, Hommer gets very angry! But the girls don't care about the complaints and leave anyway. It remains for the poor protective man to hide and follow them through the streets…


Those twins are a dream

Sisters Sherry and Terry went to spend the night at the Simptoons' house. Full of fire and with ulterior motives, one of the twins asks Magie if Barty is around... Faced with the negative answer, she goes to sleep downhearted, but soon gets stirred up again when she hears a male voice coming from the hallway…


Bitching in the Caribbean (Part 01)

Finally, the day arrives for the girls to go to the Caribbean! For those who don't remember, they won the trip in a competition held by the mayor of Springfield. The twin Terry decides to liven up their beach vacation even more and, to do so, suggests a contest in which the person who fucks the most different men, wins…


Bitching in the Caribbean (Part 02)

Liza and Terry are enjoying the pool when a mess starts nearby... It's Magie, with topless, pissing off a woman in the hotel! Such a lack of respect to stick your breasts out in front of guests. But the four girls don't care about, after all they are in the Caribbean to have fun...

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