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Orgy on the fishing trip

Barty invited the two best friends of Margy to go fishing, but he’s planning on with Hommer is to fuck these hotties. Everything seems to be going well, when Barty helps Vilma to catch a fish, he wins a bunch of kisses from her. But Hommer is not that lucky, he’s mocked by Tatty for not teaching her how to handle the stick…


Intelligence Test

Given the prospect of getting an “F”, Barty stealthily exchanges his exam with Martyn, the smartest student in the class… Next day, the principal and the teacher analyze results of the intelligence tests, and amazed at the genius-worthy performance, want to discover the method of study used by Barty...


Taking the cop’s cock

Barty and his hook up Laura are looking forward to enjoying the weekend... And, in a hurry, they start fucking in the living room! At that moment, police officer Jou, who is the girl's father, suspects that she is involved with the bad element Barty and appears at the Simptoons' house to get explanation...


A Goal That Nobody Misses

The beer ran out at the best part of the soccer game! The host Barty doesn't want to screw up and takes advantage of the break to buy more drinks... At that moment, Margy appears in the room with a tray of snacks for the boys, but she doesn't realize that her huge butt blocks the view of the television...


All in on a gang bang

Fun poker night with friends... Hommer, like always, gets drunk and ends up losing all the money he had gained! Annoyed, he gives up the game and goes to sleep... Margy arrives soon after and, knowing what her husband has done, bets her own body to recover the lost money...


A Very Crazy Night

After watching a football game, Hommer and his friends decide to end the night in the whorehouse... When they get there, the comrades go crazy with lust when they see two masked girls giving an erotic show on the main stage! What no one imagines is that the wonderful strippers are Liza and Magie...


These girls are not saint

Barty and Milrouse are sent to the rectory after making sexual jokes with the twins Sherry and Terry! Now, in order not to be suspended from classes, the guys should apologize to the girls. But one of the sisters decides that an apology is not enough, and offers something else…


Smooth or Hairy Pussy?

Unable to shave her pussy, Magie decides to go sunbathe anyway... She will be in her own backyard, so she doesn't have to worry about that. But Liza soon appears there and finds it disgusting that she has so much hair! Will men also think the same way?...


Betrayal at the massage parlor

In another attempt to please his wife, Hommer takes her to a massage parlor... Margy is happy with the surprise, after all, she really needs to relax! But the romantic moment alone doesn't go as planned, because, upon arriving at the place, the couple Flandis and Maite are also waiting for a session...


Crazy holiday in the country house

The boys are packed to enjoy the holiday at Nilson's country house... Out of the plans, Liza and Alyson hide in the trunk of the car and manage to go with them! Arriving at the destination, the girlfriends enter through the back door and, alone in the room, light a weed cigarette...


Obscene indecent assault

Liza and Magie walk through the town square when they suddenly feel the urge to pee... And, unfortunately for them, the public restroom is closed for maintenance! The only way is to piss in the bushes, but an old lady reports the infraction, and the girls will have to sort things out with the chief...


Wife swap between neighbors

The Simptoons couple received an invite to dinner at the Flandis’ residence… The wives Margy and Maite insisted on getting all dressed up for the occasion, as it seems that they have other motives for the meeting between the neighbors. It is certain that Hommer will drool all over the dessert...

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