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TITLES OF Voluptuous Housewives


Introducing Sarah

A voluptuous woman is characterized by having an attractive, sensual and appetizing body... Big ass and big boobs make her erotic! This is the case of Sarah, a forty-something widow who lives in a mansion with her daughter Jessica. An illustrator of adult books who hasn't had sex since her husband's death, this hottie smells like sex...


Introducing Vera

A voluptuous woman is also one who behaves like a libertine, wanton and lascivious... Vera, a well-preserved fifty-something, fits perfectly into these behavioral characteristics! Divorced twice, she no longer cares about serious commitment, and now spending her life in search of the craziest sexual adventures possible...


Introducing Giselle

The youngest of the Voluptuous Housewives was a glamorous catwalk model... She left her career to marry a mega-businessman who only thinks about money! Abandoned and sexually dissatisfied, Giselle, an admitted nymphomaniac, was forced to exchange her sex addiction for a craving for sweets, and as a result she gained a lot of weight...


Introducing Luana

Luana is a sexy ex-call girl who left the sex profession to marry one of her clients. She currently leads a peaceful life as a housewife and as mother of a family! This voluptuous woman suffers from her son Enzo's drug addiction and anxiety attacks, which insist on releasing emotional triggers from her dark past...

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